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Buenos Aires  - Palais Rouge - August 2-5, 2015

Preparatory International Congress to the World Congress 2021 (at Argentina)
"Innovation and optimization of products, processes and energy for sustainable development"


Starting on 01/03/2015, the summary of the paper can be entered directly "on-line" into the link: LOGIN

The timetable for submission is as follows:

Opening abstract presentation "online"

 26/05/2015: Deadline for abstract submission

 29/06/2015: Notification of abstract acceptance

 10/07/2015: Deadline for send the accepted full manuscript

Invitation to researchers, academics, consultants, industry professionals and / or independent to participate with their work in the next CAIQ2015 - VIII Argentine Congress of Chemical Engineering. The objective is to receive papers covering in different branches of chemical engineering and related professions, to develop innovative approaches to the scientific and technological area, in productive activity, teaching, management and business.

Original works are expected to contribute to the development and optimization of the activities of companies and other organizations so they can provide better products and services, improving the quality of life of the population, within a framework of social responsibility and environmental respect.


CAIQ2015 is the natural forum for the meeting of professionals who are dedicated to both teaching and research, as they develop their professional activities in the government, industry or consulting area. At this time and in subsequent congresses those aspects that contribute to its internationalization will be strengthened.

AAIQ was recently appointed by the CIIQ/IACChE (Interamerican Confederation of Chemical Engineering), with the agreement of WCEC (World Chemical Engineering Council),  as host and organizer of the 11th World Congress of Chemical Engineering and XXX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering, to be held in 2021 in Buenos Aires. This achievement was supported, which we appreciate, of the most important universities and business organizations, professionals and government agencies of the country (link to support).

To arrive on time at such a significant event, which will bring together hundreds of colleagues around the world, a very ambitious program of activities is being faced including conducting the next Argentine Congresses of Chemical Engineering in 2015, 2017 and 2019, which will be considered as preparatory meetings of the World and Interamerican Congresses of 2021 and shall be considered international.
Moreover it is our commitment to contribute to the success of the next World Congress to be held in Barcelona, Spain in 2017 and the Interamerican Congress in Cuzco-Peru in 2016.

During the CAIQ2015 a broad spectrum of issues that today involve both chemical engineers and our researchers will be discussed. The new innovative processes and materials studies, contributions to medicine, the agro industry, the latest research in nanotechnology and new technologies related to emerging areas with great potential, will be contemplated in various activities. There are being planned plenary and thematic conferences (keynote), forums and presentations on oil, gas and other energies, hydrogen, bio-fuels, engineering cleaner processes, environmental sustainability and the design and management of industrial processes and safe plants.

There will be areas for research institutes to facilitate contact between companies, professionals and academics and spaces for activities for the attending students.


01 - Chemical Engineering Sciences- Fundamentals.
02 - Catalysis, Design reactor kinetics.
       Polymerization Processes, Electrochemistry, Corrosion.

03 - Systems Engineering Processes - Modeling-
       Dynamics Simulation - Systems Optimization.

04 - Biorefineries, Bioprocess, Bioeconomy.
       New processes and products.

05 - Food Industry, Agroindustry and other Process Industries.
       Paper, Petrochemical, Steel and other Process Industries.
       Pharmaceuticals, Specialty and Fine Chemicals.

06 - Conventional and non-conventional energy
       Processes and Services for Gas, Oil, Shale Gas / Oil
       Renewable Energy. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells.

07 - New materials and industrial applications. Nanotechnology
        Nanotechnology Materials - Developments and Applications

08 - Sustainable Development and Environment.
        Solid, liquid and gaseous effluents. Treatment and disposal.        Wastewater treatment, emerging clean processes.

09 - Teaching of Chemical Engineering
10 - Process Engineering, Conceptual and Basic, Detail Engineering
       Management and Projects

11 - Process Safety - 3JASP-CSPQ
       (Corresponds to areas of 3JASP-SCPQ)

12 - Conferences

13 - Work and Activities for Undergraduates

14 - Professional, Academic and Business activities

Presentation at the congress:
Papers approved by the evaluation committee will be selected to be presented orally or in posters.
Submission of abstracts:
All submissions should be made via the web interface and will be presented "online"directly to the CAIQ2015 page (no submission of abstracts or final papers will be processed by email).

Abstracts size:
Abstracts should be between 400 and 800 words. You can perform "cut and paste" with special characters: Greek letters, etc. but tables or images of any kind can not be used.

We recommend checking the special characters and if necessary use the table provided by the system. There will be no pre-edit to print abstracts; summaries will be published just like the author / authors let them in the system.

Accepted papers that meet the requirements of the evaluators and the requirements for registration and submission of papers for the congress, will be published in a Book of Abstracts (ISSN: 1850-3500) and full versions will be included in a CD  (ISSN:1850-3519). Both CD and book, will be available to attendees, authors and reviewers.
The conference is covered under the  ISSN-L: 1850-3500 (multiple-media) allowing international recognition. Summaries will be posted on the AAIQ website. 
By submitting an paper, it is accepted that it can be eligible to be published later in magazines or electronic filing.

For further information, contact:

Asociación Argentina de Ingenieros Químicos
Centro para la Seguridad de los Procesos Químicos

Maipú726 - 1º Piso - Ofic. A (C1006ACJ)
CABA  - Argentina TEL.FAX + 54 11 4326-0089