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Plenary [58]

Plenary Lecture: Roberto Imperatore (Arthur D. Little)
Unwritten Rules of the Game ® (UROG) - An approach to the organizational culture and performance safety

Date: Tuesday, August 4, 15:15 - 16:00, Dorée (1erPisoPalais Rouge)

Roberto Imperatore (Arthur D. Little)

Photo:Roberto Imperatore
Roberto Imperatore
Roberto is a Senior Consultant for Arthur D. Little, based in Buenos Aires. He works as a management consultant in Strategy and Organization, including strategic planning, improving and redesigning management processes, organizational design, performance measurement, HR competencies, selection and executive compensation, training. Since the late 80s, Roberto has been mostly dedicated to the energy industry with influence in the oil and gas sector but also in electric, nuclear, coal and renewable energy resources. He graduated in Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. He attended a seminar on post-graduate degree in Mathematical Economics at the same university.
Unwritten Rules of the Game ® (UROG) – Un abordaje de la cultura organizacional y el desempeño en materia de seguridad
Every organization has "written rules": vision, mission, values, strategies, goals, roles and responsibilities in its structure, process descriptions, procedures, systems of incentives, rewards and penalties. Often they leave unresolved areas and dilemmas of priority. Other actions of the Management and the context send signals that are perceived as contradictory.The organization also works, following "unwritten rules": behavior guidelines that influence the way individuals see the organization and act on it. Recorded in culture, they are more powerful than the written rules, cover their gaps or directly replace them."Unwritten rules" have positive and negative effects on the behavior of people. Culture acts as a lock.The purpose of the analysis of the unwritten rules of the game is to reveal the logic behind individual behaviors that generate unwanted effects in an organization. Raise awareness about the "unwritten rules" is the first step toward change

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