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Plenary [62]

Plenary Lecture: Rodolfo Carlevaris
Role of Chemical Engineering in the Nuclear Industry

Date: Tuesday, August 4, 18:00 - 19:09, Dorée (1erPisoPalais Rouge)

Rodolfo Carlevaris

Chemical Engineering Universidad Nacional del Litoral, 1979
Joined INVAP S.E. Since 1983, current Engineering Manager area INVAP SE Nuclear Projects
Previous experience: Member of the Chemical Engineering Department of the National Atomic Energy Commission for the proposed nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.

SUMMARY: The chemical industry has been a mainstay in the development of the nuclear industry. Chemical engineering has held a key position to actually carry the design process with issues that were beyond what anyone had previously thought possible role.

Chemists and chemical engineers were faced with egregious challenges to develop new processes for the production of chemical species that were, at best, before laboratory curiosities.
The demands imposed by the safe handling of highly toxic substances or nuclear risks, faced the chemical engineer with the need to develop new methods of security analysis, today installed as standard industry practice.

Chemical engineering had also to face challenges in developing processes ranging from the micro scale where one gram of product is listed in millions of dollars to the installed power mega scale never seen before.
Both Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering are precursor disciplines in the design of any nuclear plant

The present and future of this industry continue to present major challenges for chemical engineer. Minimization of environmental risks and the management of radioactive waste is one of them.
The scene of action of chemical engineering can be seen in perspective through "nuclear fuel cycle"; roadmap which will allow to talk in more detail in the main chemical processes.

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