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Plenary [35]

"Energy: Global Vision, Present and Future"
Moderator: Eduardo Jorge Carrone (UBA)
Panelists: Daniel Redondo (former Secretary of Energy Planning - Ministry of Energy of the Nation)
Carlos A. Podestá (NASA) - Miguel Lavia (IGPUBA-UBA)- Javier Schmidt (IFIS-CONICET)

Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2019, 18:00 - 19:00,
SALA2 (Los Maderos)

Moderator: Eduardo Jorge Carrone
Chemical Engineer, Director of Oil Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, of the founding group and former Director TECNA ESTUDIOS Y PROYECTOS DE INGENIERIA S.A
"Energy: a global vision"
Daniel Redondo, Chemical Engineer, Consultant, former Secretary of Energy Planning (Ministry of Energy of the Nation), former Exxon official Mobil

"Nuclear Energy in Argentina"
Carlos A. Podestá, Chemical Engineer, Vice President of NASA (Nucleoeléctrica Argentina SA)

"Photovoltaic solar energy"
Javier Schmidt; Dr. in Physics, researcher of CONICET - IFIS (Institute of Coastal Physics) and Professor at FIQ, UNL

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