Session Index by Subarea Español

01 - Chemical Engineering Sciences- Fundamentals
  01a - Thermodynamics,
  01b - Modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems
  01c - Heat and Mass Transfer, Unit Operations, Fluid Mechanics
02 - Catalysis, Design reactor kinetics. Polymerization Processes, Electrochemistry, Corrosion
  02a - Catalysis Reactor Design, Kinetics
  02b - Polymerization processes
  02c - Electrochemistry, Corrosion
03 - Systems Engineering Processes - Modeling Simulation Dynamics - Systems Optimization
  03a - System Design Process
  03b - Simulation and optimization of process systems
  03c - Modeling Process Systems
  03d - Dynamic Simulation - Control Systems
  03e - Operations Planning
04 - Biorefineries, Bioprocess, Bioeconomy. New processes and products.
  04a - Biorefineries, biotechnological processes, chemical products,
  04c - Biomass feedstock, thermochemical conversion.
  04d - Production of Biofuels, liquid and gaseous.
05 - Food Industry, Agroindustry and other Process Industries
  05a - Food Industry, Agroindustry
  05b - Paper, Petrochemical, Steel and other Process Industries.
  05c - Pharmaceuticals, Specialty and Fine Chemicals.
06 - Conventional and non-conventional energy
  06a - Processes and Services for Gas, Oil, Shale Gas / Oil
  06b - Renewable Energy. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells
  06c - Biomass fuels and other energy alternatives
07 - New Technologies, Materials, Industrial applications, Nanotechnology
  07a - Developments and applications - Nanotechnology
  07b - New Materials, Ceramics, Hybrid Materials, Polymer
  07c - -Nano Nanotechnology Materials - Developments and Applications
  07d - New materials and industrial applications
  07e - biomaterials
08 - Sustainable Development and Environment.
  08a - Environmental management and sustainable development, remediation
  08b - Process intensification, water saving, Cycle life analysis
  08c - Wastewater treatment, emerging clean processes.
  08d - Solid, liquid and gaseous effluents. Treatment and disposal, Atmospheric dispersion
09 - Teaching of Chemical Engineering
  09a - Laboratories and professional practices
  09b - Teaching of new disciplines
  09c - Curricula
10 - Process Engineering, Conceptual and Basic, Details Enginnering and Management and Projects
  10a - Conceptual and Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering
  10b - Management of Companies and Projects
11 - CSPQ-3JASP - Process Safety
  11a - 3JASP Management Systems, experiences and best practices, metrics and performance evaluation
  11b - 3JASP-risk- assessment techniques HAZOP - LOPA - Models result
  11c - 3JASP Instrumented Systems Security (SIS)
  11d - 3JASP-Fire and Explosions, Decreased risk
  11e - 3JASP-mechanical integrity and reliability of the facilities
  11f - 3JASP-Contributions of Process Safety in new projects. Conceptual and Basic Engineering
12 - Conferences
  12b - Thematic conferences (KeyNotes)
13 - Work and Activities for Undergraduates
14 - Professional, academic and business activities
  14b - Exchange meetings and other activities