Date  21-Feb-2024

How does Chemical Engineering Education meet the requirements for employment and professional career?

(To be completed by graduates who graduated after 2003. Graduates should complete a separate form for each degree where appropriate)

1. Personnel data
2. Employment status
3. Educational background

1. Where and for how long did you study Chemical Engineering?

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Country(ies) of my studies
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Study time (years)

2. Annual Fees, you had to pay for your studies?

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3. What are your university degrees? - Your degree awarded?

Degree awarded: Discipline:
Bachelor (undergraduate degree)
MEng (UK system undergraduate degree)
Master or Diploma (undergraduate degree)
Master - Postgraduate
PhD (postgraduate degree)
Others (please identify):
Chemical Engineering 5 years (Argentina and others from Latin America)
Chemical Engineering 6 years (Argentina and others from Latin America)

4. Date of birth?

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5. To which professional society do you belong?

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6. Gender