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This is a working document describing the electronic submission procedure for the 2006 XXII Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering.
Submission schedule:

  • Jun 19, 2006 Deadline for abstract
  • Jul 30, 2006 Notification of acceptance
  • Ago 25, 2006 Submission of full paper.
All submissions must be submitted through the web interface (no email or ftp); they must arrive by 24:00:00 30 May 2006 (UTC-3).
Questions about the submission process may be sent to congress2006@aaiq.org.ar

To submit one or more abstracts you must be inscribed as author:

  • IF YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED AS AUTHOR: Please go directly to author login page. Where you can modify your profile and submit abstracts.

  • IF YOU ARE NOT PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED AS AUTHOR: You must complete the following steps:

Step 1 - Personal Information
In this step, you will fill your personal data, such as:
  • first name, last name
  • e-mail: You will use it to access author site
  • password
Please don't forget your password, because you must use it in the near future to revise your abstract information and to send the final paper..
Step 2 - Organization Information
'In this step, you will fill your Organization Name, address and phone.
Step 3 - Abstract Information
'Finally you will be logged in the AUTHOR PAGE, were you can submit your abstract/s.
For each abstract you will provide the following information:
  • Area and Sub-Area
  • Abstract Title
  • Authors
  • Keywords:
  • Abstract: The Abstract must have between 400 and 800 words