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"Innovación y Gestion para un Desarrollo Sustentable"

Plenaria [21]

Lectura Plenaria (Salón RENOIR)
R. AGRAWAL - Desafíos y Oportunidades del Suministro de Energía para los Ingenieros Químicos

Fecha: Lunes, 11:00 - 12:00, Renoir Room (Ground Floor - San Miguel Palace)
Prof. Rakesh AGRAWAL
Winthrop E. Stone Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering
School of Chemical Engineering
Purdue University
West Lafayette, USA

ABSTRACT: The recent rise in oil prices again reminds us that the world’s supply of fossil fuels is finite. Roughly 85% of current energy use is being met by fossil fuels. Alternate primary energy sources are being identified and developed to permit the continued functioning of the world economy. The first part of this presentation will survey some of these alternative sustainable primary energy sources: solar, wind, nuclear, and bio-based sources. It will also review the particular challenges associated with various end uses of energy and how chemical engineers can play an important role in overcoming these challenges. Common energy carriers, such as electricity, are used to move energy from several primary sources to many different end uses. Recently, the possibility of an alternate energy system using H2 as a common energy carrier has been proposed and widely debated. In such a system, H2 would first have to be produced from a primary source. It would then need to be transported, delivered and stored at the point of end use. The second part of this presentation will focus on the thermodynamics, economics and engineering of the H2 supply chain that is currently being considered for fuel cell vehicles.

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