International Congress"100 years of Chemical Engineering in Argentina and Latin America"
Incorporates: "EnerFIQ 2019 Energies, present and future"

Plenary Conferences

Ignacio Grossman

Conference Title:
Growth, Progress and Trends in Process Systems Engineering

Ignacio E. Grossmann is the R. R. Dean University Professor of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. He was Department Head at Carnegie Mellon in 1994-2002, and is currently member of the "Center for Advanced Process Decision-making." A member of the National Academy of Engineering, he has received many awards, including the first Sargent Medal by the Institution of Chemical Engineers in 2015, and the distinction of being named “One of the Hundred Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era” by AIChE in 2008. He holds an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. His research interests are in discrete and nonlinear optimization, optimization under uncertainty, energy systems, and planning and scheduling. He has authored over 700 papers, and has supervised 60 Ph.D. students.

Carlos Negro

Conference Title:
“Nanocelluloses and their potential in sustainable industrial applications”

PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). He is a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials of the UCM. His research focuses on the sustainable use of water in industry, paper science and technology, paper recycling and nanotechnology. Prof. Negro has held different positions of responsibility in professional associations. He is currently President of the Chemical and Society Forum, Vice-President of Expoquimia and Member of the World Council of Chemical Engineering.

Noemi Zaritzky

Conference Title:
"Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of energy transfer processes in food engineering: analysis cases"

Chemical Engineer of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) and Dra. In Chemical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She is a Full Professor of the UNLP and a Senior Researcher at CONICET. He received numerous awards and prizes for his scientific activity, being distinguished with the Prize of Researcher of the Argentina Nation 2015. His research areas are: Food Engineering, Phenomena of transfer and Biopolymers.

Semi Plenary Conferences - "Keynotes"

Armando Borgna

Conference Title:
“R&D efforts on Chemical Engineering and related topics at ICES-A*Star: an overview”

Dr. Armando Borgna is Head of the Process and Catalysis Research Division at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, ICES-A*Star, Singapore. He is also Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS). Dr. Borgna graduated in Chemical Engineering and obtained his Doctor of Philosophy from the School of Chemical Engineering, National University of Litoral (UNL), Argentina. Before joining ICES-A*Star, he was Senior Research Associate, Schuit Institute of Catalysis, Eindhoven University of Technology. Dr. Armando Borgna’s research is focused on catalyst development for industry applications. He holds over 25 patents and published more than 150 research papers on Catalysis and related topics.

Ramón Cerro

Conference Title:
“Trends in Technology and Education in Chemical Engineering”

B.S. in Chem. Eng. from UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina, and PhD in Chem. Eng. at the Univ. of California at Davis, USA. He was Chair Professor of Unit Operations at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina, Professor of Chem. Eng. at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA (1987-1997), and Professor and Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA (1997-2018). Director of INGAR (Institute of Development and Design) and Vice-Director of INTEC (Institute for Research and Development in the Chemical Industry), in Santa Fe, Argentina. The areas of specialization of Dr. Cerro include Physicochemical hydrodynamics, Heat and mass transfer in multiphase systems, and Interfacial phenomena.

Dr. Antonio Monzón Bescós

Conference Title:
"Production of hydrogen from renewable sources"

Chemical Engineering Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Editor and member of the Advisory Board of the Chemical Engineering Journal. His areas of interest include: Environmental technologies, Advanced kinetic modeling, Synthesis and applications of carbonaceous nanomaterials.